"Lance is truly an inspiration! Not only is he one of the most authentic individuals I have had the privilege of working with, he offers a unique perspective based on his powerful life experiences."

- Brandon Fugal, Chairman, Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors

"Lance doesn’t just talk about inspiring leadership, he demonstrates it in the way he connects with his audience.  After hearing him speak, I feel more focused on how I can be more authentic in all of my interactions, and how to be guided by the belief that anything truly is possible."

- Lisa Chapman, VP Franchise Leadership, Coca-Cola

“Lance, simply put, is a rockstar in a button up shirt. When he speaks, the audience never takes their eyes off of him. He has the ability of carrying many streams of intricate thought without convoluting them and applying them to everyone in the room. Again… Rockstar.”

- Kristi Worful, Director of Corporate Wellnes, VASA Fitness

"We received great feedback from the audience regarding Lance, which only affirms the measure of his success in maintaining a captive and engaged audience. His level of professionalism, coupled with his charisma and appeal, radiated confidence and enthusiasm to our audience- keeping the ceremony entertaining for us all."

- A. Mubarak, Event Coordinator, AG Bell

“Lance, doesn’t know quit. He can remind you of all the basic skills you have within yourself to achieve whatever it is your heart is calling.”

- David Knoop, Head of Hays Companies

"Lance Allred is a true leader in every sense of the word, has overcome major obstacles, is passionate, and he actually cares in making a difference. His keynote wasn’t rehearsed or forced; He talked about his journey in life and connected with me on a deeper level. I have never experienced this from any keynote speaker before. I believe in Lance 100%."

-Bette Taylor, America First Credit Union

“Lance is an incredibly dynamic speaker, one of the most captivating I’ve been able to hear in recent memory. His unique message of being a “leader of your own life” is absolutely empowering.  I’d highly highly recommend Lance as a speaker for all types of audiences, there is something for everyone.”

- Drew Yergensen, Middle Market Manager, KeyBank